Two new pages: Chanting/Audio & Glossary

January 9, 2009



Cast your eyes a smidgen upwards and you will see I have added two new pages. One contains chanting (audio and text) and Dhamma Talks, and the other contains a glossary of Buddhist terms. Both are works in progress.


Dhamma Diary coming tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Two new pages: Chanting/Audio & Glossary”

  1. Sam said

    Thanks very much for this. If you ever want to write an article for my gratitude book blog – I’d definitely publish it and link back to the hermitage/review this blog on my blog to increase your exposur(you can get a complimentary copy from gratitudebook.pdf added to the home page URL). Myself and a friend will be attending a meditation weekend in the near future with you.

  2. Tahn Manapo said

    Thanks for the comment, and maybe I’ll see you soon.

    Best wishes

    Tahn Manapo

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