Full Moon Day: Half Way Flu

August 20, 2009




We monks are half way through the annual three month ‘Rains Retreat’ (Vassa). As I’ve said before we often use this period to undertake special practices, focus more intently on our formal meditation, and develop certain skills in a concentrated and systematic manner.

Over the past few days I have been honing my throwing snotty tissues into the bin abilities whilst lying in bed. I have the flu, possibly of the swine variety. So, bye for now. Time for another three-pointer.

(All being well, I’ll get something up in the next few days.)


2 Responses to “Full Moon Day: Half Way Flu”

  1. Justin said

    Illness must be a challenge during the rains retreat. May you get well soon.

  2. Tahn Manapo said

    Cheers, Justin.

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