Web sites

The Forest Hermitage: our homepage.

News and Musings (Luangpor’s blog)

AjahnChah.org, including teachings and photos.

Access to Insight, an amazing site. Includes many teachings from the veteran Thai forest masters.

The Forest Hermitage on Twitter

Luangpor on Twitter

Me on Twitter


Interview with Bhikkhu Bodhi – covers some very important points.



The Pali Canon

There are sooooo many books on Buddhism. Unfortunately most of them tell you more about the author than the Dhamma. Why not read what the Buddha actually said?

The Tipitika – ‘the ‘Three Baskets’, i.e. the Pali Canon – is the collection of the Buddha’s original teachings. There are some wonderful translations of most of the Sutta Pitika – the ‘Basket of Discourses’ – available. Perhaps the best ones to begin with are the anthologies. The Life of the Buddha, by Bhikkhu Nanamoli, is one of my favourite books.

The full texts of the Sutta Pitika:

The Digha Nikaya – the ‘Longer Discourses’.

The Majjhima Nikaya – the ‘Middle Length Discourses’.

The Samyutta Nikaya – the ‘Connected Discourses’.

The Anguttara Nikaya (an anthology) – the ‘Numerical Discourses’. These are some of the most approachable suttas; they are mostly short – some being only a few lines.


In The Buddha’s Words; An anthology of Discourses from the Pali Canon, by Bhikkhu Bodhi. If ever a book was to be designated the Buddhist Bible this could well be it. It is a crime not to own it. It’s worth it for Bhikkhu Bodhi’s pre-chapter essays alone.  SUBSTANTIAL PREVIEW HERE.

The Life of the Buddha: Accoring to the Pali Canon, by Bhikkhu Nanamoli. I love this book.


Buddhist books of a general nature

List of Ajahn Chah books

Online Dictionary by Nyanatiloka. Highly recommended.

What the Buddha Taught. A thorough introduction to essential Buddhism that is hard to beat.

Buddhist Religions: A Historical Introduction. Some sound scholarship, giving an overview of how Buddhism developed over the centuries, and putting current Buddhist trends in perspective.



Mindfulness in Plain English

In This Very Life by Sayadaw U Pandita cannot be recommended highly enough.

Essentials of Insight Meditation

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